About Me.  

A Genuine Girlfriend Experience

I'm charismatic and hilarious with a classy and sophisticated attitude. My exotic face and my long black hair followed by notes of sensuality bring a unique & special environment. 

I grew up in a beautiful family where my parents always taught me how important is to make others laugh. "There 's nothing better than a world where everybody's just trying to make each other laugh". And it is true! Laugh is synonymous of comfortable, good conversation, friendship, happiness and joy. 

Despite my youthhood, surrounded by sports and arts, I ended up studying Social and Legal Sciences which is actually my passion and my career. And it's one of the reasons why my availability as a companion is limited.

I'm more than happy to be your next companion and share some time together. Each experience is unique, special and has something to remember.

Your Spanish Lover,

Laura C. xx

When can we meet? Monday - Friday from 5 pm.  Weekends & Public Holiday full-time availability.